DHL Supply Chain Invests €500 Million in Latin America to Strengthen Logistics and Drive Sustainability

July 12, 2023. DHL Supply Chain, the world’s leading logistics company, has announced a significant investment of €500 million in Latin America. The investment is part of DHL’s strategic plan to strengthen its operations in the region and support the diversification of sourcing and supply chains. The company aims to enhance the domestic infrastructure, promote sustainability initiatives, and drive automation in its operations.

One of the notable projects resulting from this investment is the inauguration of the Center of Excellence for Electric Vehicles in Mexico. This facility is the first of its kind in the Americas and will store and distribute electric batteries for the automotive industry. By investing in cutting-edge technologies and automation solutions, DHL aims to improve workplace efficiency, flexibility, and resilience for its customers.

The strategic investment in Latin America aligns with the global trend of omni-sourcing, where companies seek diversified sourcing and supply chain strategies by bringing stock points closer to production and sales markets. The region’s strategic location and growing sales markets make it an attractive investment destination for industries looking to expand their operations and enhance logistics support.

Oscar de Bok, Global CEO of DHL Supply Chain, highlights the importance of investing in logistics infrastructure in Latin America and strategically located geographies to support the needs of industry customers. By building resilient and flexible supply chains, businesses can better cater to the demands of their end customers. DHL’s investment in Latin America reflects its commitment to strengthening logistics capabilities in high-demand sectors such as healthcare, automotive, technology, retail, and e-commerce.

The investment in infrastructure in Latin America builds upon DHL Supply Chain’s existing history of strategic investments, acquisitions, and partnerships in the region. The geographical proximity to major consumer markets in North America further enhances the region’s appeal as a springboard for accelerating growth in global trade.

Agustin Croche, CEO of DHL Supply Chain Latin-America, emphasizes the company’s role in supporting sustainable growth and long-term relationships with clients. With over 40,000 employees in the region, DHL Supply Chain is committed to contributing positively to the industry and taking advantage of the opportunities present in Latin America.

In addition to expanding its real estate and distribution centers throughout Latin America, DHL Supply Chain focuses on providing end-to-end solutions in the life sciences and healthcare sector. With a deep understanding of regulatory frameworks in the region, the company offers digitalization initiatives, sustainable logistics solutions, and specialized distribution centers for temperature-controlled medicines, medical devices, and clinical trials.

DHL Group’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its roadmap to achieve zero emissions operation by 2050. The company has allocated significant investments toward this goal, including the adoption of electric, hybrid, and biogas vehicles, the implementation of solar panels and energy management systems, and the introduction of recycling programs in its distribution centers.

Promoting diversity and inclusion is another important aspect of DHL Supply Chain’s operations in Latin America. The company has launched the Women at the Wheel Program in Brazil and Mexico, aiming to close the gender gap in the logistics sector. Women drivers play a crucial role in operating DHL’s electric fleet, contributing to a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

Overall, DHL Supply Chain’s €500 million investment in Latin America signifies its commitment to supporting the region’s growth, enhancing logistics capabilities, and promoting sustainability and inclusivity in the industry. By leveraging emerging markets and fast-growing economies, DHL aims to meet the evolving needs of its customers and strengthen its position as a global leader in logistics services.

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